Becca, RFE's Creator, with the original Brad & Magenta (Barry Bostwick and Patricia Quinn)

    Becca, RFE's Creator, with the original Brad & Magenta (Barry Bostwick and Patricia Quinn)

To say that I love The Rocky Horror Show would be a serious understatement. I live for it. I breathe it. I have seen the show live well over 25 times, watched the movie enough to border on unhealthy, and been involved with both professional and amateur productions. I know every line, every lyric, and love every minute of it. I’m truly a Rocky fan, and I hope you all enjoy the show and appreciate it as much as I do.

It was the summer of 2005 when I lost my Rocky Virginity. I was wearing my first pair of fishnets and being dragged by friends to my first annual midnight showing with a bright red lipstick “V” on my forehead.  The show was rocking, loud, sexy and exciting. I was sang to, danced on and even licked by the actors. My life has never been the same.

When it comes to Rocky beyond being an audience member – I was first involved with the show technically in the summer of 2008 where I was the Assistant Stage Manager of a professional production. It was the busiest summer of my life, but I had a blast and learned a lot about theater, Rocky and myself. I then moved on to Assistant Direct and Choreograph the show for UMaine at Farmington. I helped them with the show for two years before moving up to Bangor where I successfully started a theater company centered solely around my favorite show. Behold - Rocky For Equality! Two years later, I moved to Augusta and teamed up with some amazing folks in our state capital.

Rocky Horror is many things to many different kinds of people, but to me, it screams confidence. Being involved with Rocky has taught me to embrace and love every part of me. It helped give me the confidence to direct for the first time, to start my own theater company, and to help make a difference. I've worked incredibly hard to teach the same confidence to my cast and have them portray their strength and love to the audience. Rocky is about acceptance, finding yourself, showing who you truly are inside, and not being afraid to live and love completely.

I’m so proud to have helped bring the wonder that is Rocky Horror to my community.

XOXO – Becca


“I live halfway between reality and theater at all times. And I was born this way.” -Lady Gaga

“My confidence has increased. Reality is here” -Janet Weiss