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The Rocky Horror Show tells the tale of Brad Majors and his fiancé, Janet Weiss. Two young, ordinary, healthy kids who find themselves stranded with a flat tire. Upon knocking on a nearby castle for help, they are swept into chaos by Franknfurter, a mad transvestite scientist, and his bizarre followers. Join our heroes as they discover their inner desires and give in to absolute pleasure.  

This campy classic is a tribute to the age of B-rated horror movies with a cult following that spans nearly four decades. The show is bursting with energy, sex appeal and rock n' roll classics such as Sweet Transvestite, Hot Patootie, and the world famous Time Warp. 

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PLEASE NOTE: This show is for mature audiences only! We suggest ages 16+ and/or parental guidance. The show contains slight nudity as well as mature subject matter, sexual situations and colorful audience call-backs.

Strobe lights, heavy fog and haze will be used. All fog is water-based, non irritating and non toxic. 

Tickets are now on sale!
August 10, 11, 17 & 18 at Le Club Calumet in Augusta!