Rocky Horror is a crowd favorite and well known as a “cult classic.” A large part of the show is audience participation. Fans come from all over to view different productions and bring with them their own versions of costumes, call backs and props.

For our show, costumes and callbacks are STRONGLY encouraged! There is always a costume contest, virgin ceremonies, prizes and plenty of sex appeal! We even have a photobooth!

If you’re wondering what you should wear, the answer is anything! And the less, the better! Rocky Horror is one seriously sexy show, complete with corsets, fishnets and transvestites in bright red lipstick. You can dress as your favorite character or strut your stuff in your hottest lingerie. Don’t feel comfortable half naked in public? Don’t worry. Come as the narrator! He’s fully clothed! (Usually)

For those of you virgins who don’t know the callbacks there are websites that can teach you the basics (Asshole, Slut, Castles don’t have telephones, etc.) Some callbacks are universally the same, but different towns/states/theaters create their own lines over time. Half the fun is hearing new ones and teaching your favorites to others!

For our production, we ask that no audience props be brought into the theater. Security will confiscate any squirt guns, cameras, toast, rice, etc. We need to keep the floor clean, our actors safe and our light and sound equipment dry! But don’t worry, the cast will have plenty of props to keep you entertained.

PLEASE NOTE: This show is for mature audiences only! We suggest ages 16+ and/or parental guidance. The show contains slight nudity as well as mature subject matter, sexual situations and colorful audience call-backs.

Strobe lights, heavy fog and haze will be used. All fog is water-based, non irritating and non toxic. 


Absolutely enjoyed a very professional live stage production of the “Rocky Horror Show” last night. PHENOMENAL actors, singers, musicians!! Not for prudes- just saying. :) Seriously — these people are great!!! :) This is a fun fun audience participation show!!
— Dennis Labbe
Rocky Horror was absolutely a must see performance. I don’t know when I have had so much fun at a show.
— Pam Tondreau
So I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was the 1st time ever going to a show like this ... And all’s I can say is “ AWESOME” !!!!!!!!!! .... What an amazing show ... Everyone should be very proud ... Great time from start to finish ... Now I can’t wait till next year ...
— Jay Gardner
If you don’t take the time and go well you are missing out on the best time goin’ in Augusta.
— Renee Nelson
Saw the show last night. Fabulous. Kudos to all the cast, crew and all who made it happen. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have tonight to get it right! Gooooooooooo, you’ll have so much fun!!!
— Linda LaCroix
So easy to give yourself over to absolute pleasure at such an amazing show! Bravo to every single cast member!
— Phil Jones